Rebelcell Li-Ion battery 24V / 100AH ​​+ 2KG boilies
Rebelcell Li-Ion battery 24V / 100AH ​​+ 2KG boilies
Rebelcell Li-Ion battery 24V / 100AH ​​+ 2KG boilies
Rebelcell Li-Ion battery 24V / 100AH ​​+ 2KG boilies
Rebelcell Li-Ion battery 24V / 100AH ​​+ 2KG boilies

Rebelcell Li-Ion battery 24V / 100AH ​​+ 2KG boilies

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24V 100AH ​​Angling Li-ion battery
with digital charge indicator and dual USB port. In practice, replaces a lead-acid battery pack of 4 x 12V105Ah
to 12V105Ah.
designed for 24V electric motors, which are very often
used when fishing for predatory fish, but are also becoming increasingly popular with carp anglers.
Driving times indication:
normal use 4 ~ 8 hours (with a 80 Lbs motor). Driving time is
comparable to a lead battery pack of 4 x 12V105Ah.
Main features:
and light! The battery weighs only 16 kg and replaces a
100 kg lead-acid battery pack. A weight saving of a whopping 84 kg is possible!
Top features:
high thrust for precise verticals, even if the battery is soon
empty. Can be discharged to 100% with no adverse effect
on performance or lifespan
High user comfort:
and compact. Fast charging (full within 8 hours), digital
charge level indicator, integrated dual USB port
Reliable & very long service life:
protection against abuse by BMS (against deep discharge, overvoltage, excessive
temperatures, etc.) with a service life of up to ~ 10 years,
2-year guarantee
use the battery for 24V electric motors if they
are suitable for an input voltage of up to 29.4V. It is highly
recommended to place a fuse between the battery and the e-motor to
protect both and preserve the warranty. Find out more about the corresponding performance data
in the operating instructions for your electric motor .
Use cables of sufficient
gauge and (ANEN) plug connections to connect your electric motor
to the battery for safe use. Never use
crocodile clips to connect the electric motor to the battery! This
Connection is not safe and can lead to high heat generation
, with dangerous situations and possible damage
to the electric motor and battery. Damage caused by incorrect connections and
wiring is expressly excluded from the warranty.
batteries are not suitable for
driving 48V electric motors (connected in series). The battery is splash-proof according to the
IP54 standard. Use a battery box to prevent problems and
place the battery upright on a riser to
avoid the battery standing in water or water from the top
damaging the battery. If you use a battery box in which the
If the battery is placed on the side, it must be prevented that (rain)
water remains in the box, which could damage the battery.
Water damage caused by misuse is expressly
excluded from the warranty.

Please also read the Rebelcell FAQs!

Technical specifications 24V100 Li-Ion
Chemistry Lithium-Ion
tension 25.2V
Performance (C1-C20) 100 Ah
EqPb (comparable lead battery) ~ 4 x 12V105 Ah
nominal performance 2,49 kWh
Maximum consistent discharge 100A
Peak discharge (10 sec.) 120A
Lifetime (#charges) @80%DoD ~1500
Lifetime (#charges) @100%DoD ~1000
measurement guide 407x173x233mm
weight ~ 16 kG
energy density ~ 104 Wh/kG
Electronics & BMS  
voltage bandwidth 21.0V ~ 29.4V
Ladetemperatur 0 ~ 45 °C
discharge temperature -20 ~ 60 °C
storage temperature 0 ~ 45 °C
Maximum charging current 50A
charge indicator yes (digital)
USB port And (2)
Integrated cell balancing And
temperature fuse And
Maximum discharge current fuse And
overload protection And
underload protection And
Protection & Certification  
Protection class (IEC 529) IP54
CE certificate And
warranty 2 years

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