Scrappage bonus

Scrappage bonus

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Scrapping Boilie Amount
Only -80 items in stock!

Now there is a solution for boilies that don't catch!

Choose the amount you want to scrap.
We'll pay you €3.50 per kg for your old boilies!

- Please wait for a new order confirmation from us and only pay once you have received this email from us.
- Select prepayment by bank transfer as the payment method.

Attention: Not valid for offers or greatly reduced items.

A scrapping example: is often the case these days.

  • For example, we will pick up 15 kg of 08/15 boilies from you free of charge.
  • That means you buy at least the same amount of fresh carp track boilies, i.e. 15 kg, e.g. Monster-Liver Cold Water 20mm.
  • You get 15 x €3.50 = €52.50 credited to this, which you don't have to pay. We deduct this from the separate order confirmation.

You pay €52.50 less than the total amount of the order would normally be.


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