Carp'R'Us (Endtackle)

Carp'R'Us (end tackle)

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20 products

20 products

Hooks, sharp hooks, particularly sharp and stable hooks - that and more is Carp R Us!
Because there are many more great products from this high-end manufacturer.

By the way: the innovative products of the English luxury brand Carp'R'Us are always available from us as a premium supplier with the fastest shipping and always something on top.

Carp'R'Us has been a household name for many anglers since the beginning of modern carp fishing, this was the result of our survey, which we conducted at the end of July with a great deal of participation. Most carp anglers associate "CRU" with a very high-quality end tackle brand.

Mouthsnagger & co
Many experienced carp anglers know and use the practical worm-like tuner of the hook effect, the so-called mouthsnagger. Carp'R'Us is also the absolute pioneer in the fluorocarbon sector and offers the best endgame components on the market in many different versions, as many survey participants pointed out. In addition, Carp'R'Us was the first supplier of Fluorocarbon lines ever! But that's not all, because amazingly safe safety clips will trigger an astonished, very positive A-Ha effect among all those who are interested. Safety for fish and anglers on a new level - that of Carp'R'Us!

"CRU" developed a completely new hook range around the icon Ray Dale-Smith, which is characterized above all by stability, sharpness and durability very different from other manufacturers.
The reflection of the hook is not greatly reduced with a conventional Teflon layer, as this is at the expense of hook stability and long-term sharpness.
Carp'R'Us is also breaking new ground here - with great success ! See for yourself!


"The battle of Hooks" - the experiment, all the facts:

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