boilie needles

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3 products

3 products

stainless steel and fluo

The original Carp'R'Us needles are precisely tailored to the needs of even the most demanding carp anglers. The needles are made of stainless steel and the handle is made of a fluorescent material with a fine finish for the best grip.
Carp´R´Us needles are available in five color variants, each of which serves a different function:
  • Orange: original ratched needle, short version with hook incl. flap
  • Green: Embroidery mix and PVA needle, long version with hook and flap
  • Red: short clasp needle, short variant, hook without flap
  • Blue: short spear needle
  • Yellow: splicing fine needle
No matter which bait you use, CRU needles impress in the truest sense of the word with their materials, quality and fluo colors!

Price: per color or function type: €4.79