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29 products

Pop Ups - the driving force of Carptrack Boilies.

The new IB Power Tower System
The IB Power Tower System enables every angler to put together their own personal "IB Power Tower" for their fishing trip with precisely the products that he needed right now.

Easy to handle, easy to use:
Hold multiple boxes with just one hand at the same time, the IB Power Tower consists of connected cans with threads on both sides ! - To get to a product, simply open the "IB Power Tower" at the appropriate point.

The upper box always forms the lid of the lower one.

In this way, many different products are very easily organized and clearly stored in the fishing rack, bag, etc. together. - Your products are always clearly structured, whether in the fishing room, tent, boat, etc. The IB Power Tower boxes are also ideal for storing rigs, swivels, leader material and Co., which is very easy and practical to handle with the IB Power Tower.-

Let's not forget coffee and tea , soup powder, sugar, salt, etc.
The Power Tower cans are also intended for food.
The milky transparency reduces the incidence of light, but at the same time ensures that the product is visible for quick identification of the content.
Everyone will find your own way of using the IB Power Tower optimally for yourself

We wish everyone a lot of fun with it.

Tight lines, max nollert

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