Cold Water Boilies

Cold water boilies

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5 products

5 products

The water-soluble ingredients in the boilie mix have been increased many times over.

This creates a very high attraction, even at cooler water temperatures below 15°C to far below 10°C.

Customers and team members have incredible success.

You will have these too!

Big catches without pre-feeding.
The combination of various highly soluble Carptrack ingredients make the Cold Water boilie series a real winter hit!

Despite the low water temperature, the exchange of the special, highly soluble attractors takes place... e.g. Carptrack protein concentrate, CT-Powder, CT-InP, CT-Squid- Liver Flour and CT-GLM fullfat and Betaine.

Start your cold water trip - you will be amazed!
*by the way: Bananas like to be white, then they are even better.
Milk powder and NHDC deposits as "mist" on the boilie surface.

The production...