Rambo FEED Boilies

Rambo FEED Boilies

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1 product

IB Carprack Rambo FEED
Rambo Feed - sometimes less solubility is the solution.

Solubility knows no bounds.
Cold Water and Activ Baits have been in our range since 2007 and are very popular.

To these specials and the classic range now a new series.

It works the exact opposite effect of the Cold Water or Activ Range. Namely less solubility.

For information regarding the solubility of boilies:
-> the classic range is right in the middle.

Tougher than all the others and lasts extra long!
When do you use them?

- Lake or river far away and you can only go feeding once a week. ..or nuisances still and still in place?

- You have the problem with normal good or extra quickly soluble baits,

that white fish, crabs and other pests could have eaten the food before the carp came!

- One Night full of white fish at the spot, or a whopping 3-4 days feeding distance is a long time.

Rambo Feed is the solution for all these cases.
Rambo Feed waits for the carp to come.

3 in 1

So special , that the respective packaging unit contains 16mm, 20mm and 24mm.
The table should be richly set for the carp.
Variable "multi-tone" feed is becoming more and more fashionable.

This is how you trick the carp, because you always have the option
Rambo FEEDS with "Give me 4" and co or to combine them with the other classic Carptrack Boilies .

Available grades premixed in 16mm, 20mm and 24mm

Imperial Baits, we do not accept – we create.

Tight lines,

max nollert