Rebelcell FAQ
Rebelcell FAQ
Rebelcell FAQ
Rebelcell FAQ
Rebelcell FAQ

Rebelcell FAQ

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FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions


1. How long can I ride on the 12V25 / 12V50 Angling li-on battery?

It depends on the type of electric motor and the conditions and circumstances (current, wind, temperature). Detailed information on this can be found in the product information.

2. How can it be that a 12V50 Angling li-on battery can replace a 12V105Ah lead-acid battery in practice?
This has to do with the Li-Ion technology. In contrast to lead-acid batteries (which can be discharged up to a maximum of 50-70%), our Li-Ion batteries can be completely discharged. Also the amount of energy in one discharge in 20 hours, or in 1 hour almost the same. This is not the case with a lead-acid battery: the capacity when discharged in 1 or 5 hours is much lower than when discharged in 20 hours. Therefore, what is stated on the sticker does not apply in practice when fishing (discharge to 100% and discharged in 5 hours). Due to these two reasons, in practice the effective running time of our Li-Ion batteries is comparable to that of a 12V105Ah lead-acid battery. This has also been tested in practice by demanding carp and predator anglers.

3. How deep can I discharge the 12V25 / 12V50 Angling Li-ion battery?
The battery is protected against abuse by a battery management system (BMS) and can be discharged up to 100% without any adverse effect on performance or service life.

4. Can I also use the 12V25 / 12V50 Angling battery with a 24V electric motor?
Unfortunately, this is not possible and we strongly advise against it. The voltage becomes too high to be able to guarantee safe use. We recommend the 12V25 LiFePO4 batteries, which can be connected to 24V.

5. Can I also use the 12V25 / 12V50 Angling li-ion batteries with a 12V DC/230VAC converter?
This is possible, but you need a converter with an input voltage of 12V-17V. Most converters don't have that. Consult the user manual for your converter.

6. Can I also use the 12V25 / 12V50 Angling li-on battery with an echo sounder?
yes you can Most depth finders (with an input voltage of 12V-17V) can be connected to the battery without further adjustments. Special types of sonar (like the Raymarine Dragonfly) have a lower input voltage. To connect them, a 12V DC stabilizer is required, which must be placed between the echo sounder and the battery.

7. Are the batteries waterproof?
Your battery is rated IP54
(“splashproof”). Avoid a wet environment as much as possible. To prevent
problems, we recommend placing the battery in a waterproof
battery case and/or placing it on an elevated position so that the battery never
stands on the ground in water.

damage is expressly excluded from the guarantee!

8. Can I place the batteries in full sun?
Just like in a car, or mobile phone, the temperature of a battery can rise enormously if you put it in the blazing sun (especially in summer). If the temperature is too high, the battery switches off to protect the cells. It is therefore advisable to always place the battery in the shade or to cover it, for example with a cloth, to provide shade. The batteries can then be used in the sun without any problems!

9. Can I also use the batteries in the winter cold?
Naturally! Rebelcell batteries can be discharged down to -20 °C and then perform much better than lead-acid batteries. The charging process can take place from temperatures above the freezing point of 0 °C.

10. Does the Rebelcell 'Quick Connect EM' have other advantages besides its ease of use?
The Quick Connect EM cable ensures a quick and easy connection between the battery and the electric motor using a so-called ANEN connector. This connection is more stable and provides less resistance than using clamps on the battery terminals. That means less loss and more security. If you still use (crocodile) clips, make sure that the cables do not get too warm when you drive longer distances.
11. Connect Rebelcell batteries in series and charge
If two x 12V50 are connected in series, you get 24V50Ah. This is not recommended for 24V outboard motors, as the voltage is far too high for the outboard to work safely (Li-Ion batteries peak at up to 16.8V, i.e. 33.6V in series). A 24V charger will not work in this combination as the voltage is not sufficient for 2 x 12V50Ah in series (Rebelcell 24V models are not 2 x 12V50 in one case)
12. Connect and charge Rebelcell batteries in parallel
A parallel connection (+ to +, - to -), that would be 2 x 12V50AH in parallel = 12V100AH. When charging with a standard 8A charger, it takes a very long time to charge the entire pack (about 14 hours), but it works.


1. How long does it take to charge the 12V25 / 12V50 Angling li-on battery, does it also work in the meantime?
Charging with a corresponding 16.8V8A li-ion battery charger takes about 3 hours (12V25 Angling li-ion battery) or 6 hours (12V50 Angling li-ion battery). You can also load in between. The charge cycle can also be interrupted or not fully completed without adversely affecting the performance and lifespan of the battery.

2. Can I also charge the 12V25 / 12V50 Angling li-on battery with a lead-acid battery charger?

No, that's not possible. Lead-acid batteries are charged with a different voltage and charging profile than our Li-Ion batteries. You need a special Li-Ion charger for charging (with an output voltage of 16.8V, max 10A, and a CC/CV charging profile).

3. Can I also charge the Rebelcell battery with a solar panel?
Yes, that works, we offer a special charging current controller for this. Any 12V solar panel can be used.

4. What is the best way to charge the batteries when they are not used for a long time, such as in winter?
We recommend fully charging the batteries to 50-70% when not in use for a long period of time and disconnecting chargers and other devices from the battery terminals. Since one can hardly speak of self-discharge (~ 2-3% per month), the battery is not empty even after the winter period. Therefore, no droplet charger is required. We recommend fully recharging the battery before use.

5. Can I charge my phone or tablet with the 12V25 / 12V50 Angling li-ion battery?

Yes you can. We have a practical USB adapter duo cable for this so that you can charge your cell phone and tablet at the same time.


1. What is the guarantee?
We offer a 2-year warranty on the batteries and 1 year on the accessories. See Terms and Conditions for exact warranty terms and exclusions.

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