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15 products

15 products

Imperial Baits Carptrack Mixes are developed by max nollert in cooperation with his TEAM!

You are complete and selective. Real revolutions in terms of attractiveness and nutrition and, above all, water-soluble! The passage of the mixes through the carp intestine can be described as the fastest possible in coordination with the possible food intake and does not block it from further intake, which is why your catches are influenced as positively as possible.

The mixtures are the result of deep study in search of the ultimate lure. Consisting of flours of the highest quality, the mixes guarantee round and hard boilies (lactalbumin, eggalbumin) with a highest efficiency in terms of catchiness.

Europe-wide countless carp anglers swear by the Carptrack formula in these high-quality mixes - and have been since 2003!

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