Rebelcell Li-Ion battery 12V / 18AV
Rebelcell Li-Ion battery 12V / 18AV
Rebelcell Li-Ion battery 12V / 18AV

Rebelcell Li-Ion battery 12V / 18AV

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Rebelcell Li-ion Akku 12V/ 18AH
The battery was specially made for the use of 12V echolot, for energy supply developed by electrical appliances on the shore and for 12V feed boats. The dimensions are identical to 7AH or 9Ah lead-gel batteries.

Feeding time:

up to 3 times longer travel time than with a standard -12v9a lead battery
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energy supply on the shore:

can charge up to 9 tablets or 15 smartphones at lightning speed.

most important features:
  • compact and light: The battery only weighs 1.0 kg
  • top properties: can be discharged up to 100%, without adverse effects on Performance and lifespan (in contrast to a lead battery that may be discharged up to a maximum of 70%).
  • high user comfort: light and compact. To load quickly and in the meantime (full within 4-5 hours), built-in protection (BMS) from abuse. Works with most AC-DC.
  • 1 to 1 replacement for lead battery: Has the same measure as a 12V7A - 12v9a lead battery for feed boats.
  • Very long lifespan: up to ~ 10 fishing seasons
  • 2 years of guarantee
An additional weight may be necessary when using in feed boats. Keep consulting your feed boat specialist. The battery can be charged with the special 12.6V4A Li-on battery charging with CC/CV loading profile.
Recommended alternative: Session Pack lead gel Battery-12V/7.0 AH
technical specifications 12V18 Angling
chemistry lithium ion
voltage 11.1v
performance (C1-C20) 18Ah
nominal performance 199 Wh
Maximum constant discharge 10 a
Top load (10 seconds) 15 a
service life (#loads) @80%dod ~ 1500
service life (#loads) @100%dod ~ 1000
Measurement 159x65x95 mm
weight ~ 1.0 kg
energy density ~ 104 Wh/kg
electronics & amp; BMS
voltage bandwidth 9.0V ~ 12.6V
loading temperature 0 ~ 45 ° C
unloading temperature -20 ~ 60 ° C
storage temperature 0 ~ 45 ° C
maximum charging current 5a
intergried cell compensation yes
temperature backup yes
Maximum discharge power securing yes
overload protection yes
under charge protection yes
protection & amp; Certification
security class (IEC 529) ip54
CE certificate yes
guarantee 2 years
Please also read the rebelcell faqs! < /Span>

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