Rebelcell Quick Connect Echolot - OutdoorBox / Cigarette lighter

Rebelcell Quick Connect Echolot - OutdoorBox / Cigarette lighter

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Rebelcell Quick Connect Echolot - Outdoorbox/Cigarette lighter

  • 4mm²
  • cable: ~ 40 cm long with integrated “in-line” 3A fuse, cigarette lighter connection and anen PA-45 plugs.
  • with extra anen pa-45 plug for the echo sound.

With 1 click, the cable set can be clicked on the echo sounder, for a reliable and safe connection.

Use the QuickConnect echolot cable only for echolote, not For the electric motor!

Connect the cigarette lighter connection to one of the two 12V socks of the outdoor box. The red/black anen plug must be connected to the cabling of the echo solot.

The plug is suitable for the cabling of 10-20 AWG, up to max. 20a.
The contacts must be crimped (with a crimpanze) or soldered.
The contacts must be guided in the red (+) or black ( -) plugs after soldering or crimping until you hear a click.
Then the contacts are locked and can no longer be pulled out.
If necessary, get further advice from your electrical installer.

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