Rebelcell - Outdoorbox 12V50AV
Rebelcell - Outdoorbox 12V50AV
Rebelcell - Outdoorbox 12V50AV

Rebelcell - Outdoorbox 12V50AV

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Rebelcell - Outdoorbox 12V50AV

Compact, light and waterproof (IP65) outdoor box (12V50 Ah - 634 Wh) made in NL. Specially developed as a robust portable power source for "outdoor" use (electric motor up to 55 lbs, outdoor power supply, depth sounder).

Possible uses:
carp fishing, belly boat, kayaking, predator fishing, water sports, camping.


Driving time:

the indicative operating time in normal use (low acceleration to half power) is 2-4 hours, with continuous use of a 55 lbs electric motor. The actual sailing time depends on the load on the boat, weather conditions, wave activity and how the electric motor is used. Driving at a lower speed can more than double the driving time! In terms of driving time, the battery can replace a lead-acid battery pack of up to 12V105Ah (when used according to manufacturer guidelines). For most lead-acid batteries, this is a maximum discharge of 50%-70%).

Top performance:

high thrust even when the battery is almost empty and can be discharged up to 100% without affecting performance or service life.

Ease of use:

waterproof (IP65), light and compact, 1-click connection of electric motor and charger, separate USB charger. Can be used with "normal" AC-DC converters.

Charge flexibly:

quick and opportunity charge (full within 4-5 hours with 10A charger). Solar charging with panel possible (with special charge controller).
Compact and light: the ODB 12.50 AV weighs only 5.0 kg

Reliable and long lifespan:

built-in abuse protection (against overcharging, overvoltage, high temperature, etc.) by BMS and automatic fuses with a lifespan of up to 10 seasons.

2 year guarantee




Charging is only possible with a Li-ion charger with CC/CV charging profile (12.6V max 20A) with blue ANEN plug. Other connectors such as the gray or yellow ANEN connector are not compatible with the ODB 12.50 AV connector.

ANEN connector

Only use the blue ANEN connector to connect high-consumption devices such as an electric motor to the ODB 12.50 AV. Never connect the electric motor to the 12V cigarette lighter plug, it is not suitable for this!


The battery is waterproof according to IP65 standard and can be left in the rain. Make sure that the ODB 12.50 AV is tightly closed and that there is no dirt between the seals. Also make sure that the 12V cigarette lighter plug is never in water! This connector is splash-proof when the cap is closed, but not suitable for standing in water!

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