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Solar Tackle - New Partner

Distribution partner Germany with direct delivery

Solar Tackle is now available from Imperial Fishing.

Exclusively in dropshipping with direct delivery from the German solar warehouse without waiting time to many countries!

Imperial Baits
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Max Nollert:
"It is a great pleasure for me to be able to exclusively sell Solar Tackle in dropshipping to our customers with immediate effect To be able to offer.
Many companies, especially in the online business, no longer store the goods on offer and unfortunately offer their customers too long a delivery time.

When you decide on something, you want it immediately. I know that too well from myself and that's how we structured our sales at Imperial Fishing with regard to our large warehouse. At Imperial Fishing we have 95% delivery capability.

That was a very important parameter for me right from the start. With dropshipping for Solar Tackle from the German warehouse, we have now found a great solution in this area as well, as we can supply customers immediately. In addition, many items come with a gift from us on top.

Back to the future with Solar Tackle
How it all began Founded in 1987 by Martin Locke, Solar Tackle is one of the oldest and most original brands in carp fishing. It was born out of necessity as Martin was working as a metals engineer in the early 80's making stainless ground spikes for his own fishery during his lunch breaks. Martin was out fishing a lot and other anglers took notice of his exclusive stainless steel skewers.

Quickly he had more and more requests from fishing buddies and the lunch breaks were no longer long enough to produce and meet the demand.

Time was running out
After Martin joined a very difficult water to fish, he needed a way to get to the water in the middle of the week to get his best chance of getting your target fish. Even then, the fishing pressure on the WE was an obstacle that people were happy to avoid. No sooner said than done, but when he was about to be fired due to his many absences and because he had made too many fishing accessories during working hours, he founded the company Solar Tackle. Starting in his mother's garage in Kent, the plan was to always fulfill all orders by Sunday, allowing him to be on the waterfront for a few days earlier in the week before getting back to work.

It grew and grew Small acorns grow into giant oaks, as Martin says, and so did Solar Tackle. In its more than 30 year history, Solar has been responsible for the development and production of many iconic and market-leading products. From the Globetrotter, Sod and Worldwide pods, their famous buzz bars and banksticks, to the original Monkey Climbers and Bow Loc net, to the current P1 Stainless Steel, Titanium and Advanced Rig Gear series.

SP range for the 30th anniversary
The story of Solar continues and for the 30th anniversary Solar Tackle broke new ground with an exclusive series of high-quality loungers, chairs, bags and Camping under the banner of Solar SP.

Martin Locke:
"At Solar, we are all anglers designing and building gear for our own fishing. It's no secret that this has been Solar's strength from the start and continues to set us apart. We are passionate about what we do and we believe that our passion is reflected in the products!”