Session Pack lead gel battery (AGM) - 12V / 9AH

Session Pack lead gel battery (AGM) - 12V / 9AH

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Session pack lead-gel battery - 12V / 9AH
Sealed, maintenance-free, operation in any position, leak-proof, low self-discharge, 10-year battery, lead fleece
Areas of application:
Operate or charge electric motors, echo sounders, smartphones, tablets, cameras, mini TVs, laptops and much more with the Session Pack. Everything that can be fed with 12 volts is allowed!

You can find useful tools for connecting the various devices to one another on the Internet under the search term "12 volt crocodile clip".

12 volt terminal connection

The Session Pack 9 AH are AGM batteries (lead-fleece technology),
specially designed for cyclic use. Due to the use of special lead plates and a special electrolyte, the batteries have a very long service life and cycle stability.
Volt / AH: 12 / 9
Dimension (LxWxH): 147 x 60 x 95 mm
Weight: 2.55kg
Connection: F1
Note on self-discharge:
- Can be stored for more than 6 months at approx. 25°C
- Self-discharge is less than 3% per month at 25°C
The batteries should be charged briefly before use and fully charged again as soon as possible after they have been drained.
Caution: charge the battery at the latest after 6 months without use!
Recommended alternative for ambitious anglers:
Rebelcell Li-ion battery - 12V / 07 AH + charger

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