Erdbeer Boilie Uncle Bait
Carp Girl hat eine 5 kg Erdbeer Boilies Uncle Bait  in den Armen
Erdbeer Boilies mit Amino Gel Uncle Bait und Boilienadel mit aufgespießtem Boilie
Kollage aus Erdbeerkuchen und Uncle Bait Boillies mit  Claudia Darga
Max Nollert präsentiert die Uncle Bait Erdbeer Boilies
Nahaufnahme der Erdbeer Boilies Uncle Bait in der Tüte
Uncle Bait Boilie mit Tigernuss am Haar im Karpfenmaul
Angler mit Fully Karpfen auf Uncle Bait Erdbeer Boilie
Erdbeerkuchen im Vergleich zu Erdbeerboilies, Spaß
Stefan ein Karpfenangler zeigt seinen Erdbeerkuchen und die Uncle Bait Boilies, die den anderen Kuchen statt Erdbeeren schmücken
Erdbeer Boilie Yennifer Jelena Prinz
Männchen im Herbstlaub aus Erdbeer-Sahne Uncle Bait Boilies gesteckt, Spaß
Kleine Pilze die aus Uncle Bait Erdbeerboilies gesteckt wurden, Spaß.
Riechproben der Erdbeer Boilies Uncle Baits auf der Messe
Uncle Bait Half`n Half Boilie am Carp Rig mit Konterblei
Mehrere Tüten Uncle Bait Boilies
Anglerin, Carp Girl im Bikin und angelt mit Erdbeer Boiliesi
Karpfenanglerin hat Erdbeer Boilies am Haar und will sie aus Spaß essen.
Erdbeerboilie am Karpfenrig. Die Montage zeigt Haken und Vorfachmaterial
Tüten mit Erdbeer Boilies im Regal
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IB Uncle Bait - Extra Strong - now pink and intensive
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Graskarpfen, der mit Uncle Bait Boilies gefangen wurde.
Besonders fruchtig, süß und cremit sind die Edbeerboilies von Imperial Baits
Karpfenangler zeigt seine Uncle Bait Boiliess
Erdbeer Boilies im Eimer mit Amino Gel und Pop Ups,
Nahaufnahme der Uncle Bait Erdbeer Boilies mit NHDC
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Lollipop und Erdbeer boilies in einer Zusammenstellung  mit Candy
Carp Girl mit Erdbeer Boilies und Schupenkarpfen

IB Uncle Bait - Extra Strong - now pink and intensive

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The next development:
Uncle Bait - Extra Strong PLUS 💗

Strawberry cream 🍓🥛


The aroma combination, further developed on the original formula , surprises with a fresh strawberry fruit and an even creamier and very pleasant Cream/Scopex aftertaste that almost robs the carp of their senses thanks to its increased NHDC sweetness .   

Or to put it simply: "an aroma harmony that is second to none!"

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👉 And all this is in the Uncle Bait Boilie: 

More information with a look at the history
The Uncle Bait “The Boilie” has been an integral part of the Imperial Baits bait range since December 2012 and is found in numerous bait bags by carp anglers all over Europe on the waters.
The goal back then was to create a highly attractive bait for around €10/kg using as much of the highest quality IB ingredients as possible .


Catch fish like crazy!
In the following years , the catch reports overturned and especially the "trapping" worked disproportionately well with this pink, sweet and very creamy " Candy" boilie .
Numerous BIG ONES were outwitted with this tactic "little additional food and no pre-feeding".

The bait also impresses with large amounts of feed! The best sign!

This boilie convinces 
  • due to its enormous catching power in instant fishing
  • as well as permanent success in catching during feeding campaigns

The Aroma Harmony of Uncle Bait - Extra Strong PLUS
It was time to develop the bait even further, because it should also deliver top results with long term and especially with pre-baiting . Max Nollert and his team tested different mixtures of different strawberry and cream flavors, which they imported from different European countries. It was also necessary to find the perfect mixing ratio in the boilie.
The addition of the long-established IB Carptrack Liquid Amino and the fabulous sweetness of the NHDC creates an aroma harmony that is second to none.

Be sure to try the boilie on your tongue, but be careful:

Carp love Uncle Bait - Extra Strong PLUS - you`ll love it too! 
Uncle Bait - Extra Strong is:



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