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nhdc orginal online kaufen
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nhdc orginal online kaufen

IB Carptrack NHDC (Sweetner)

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Carptrack NHDC - Mega suüß, mega fängig.

Are you looking for something that finally convinces the carp?
(Neo Hesperidin Dihydro Chalcone) is not only 1800 times sweeter than sugar (in a direct volume comparison), but also more catchy than almost anything else on the market!
It doesn't matter powders or ingredients, NHDC beats almost all of them! 

That sounds unbelievable at first and suggests that a Sweetner can't do something like that and that it must be bitter and spicy at this intensity! Read on....

This is what we are used to from extreme sweeteners. But NHDC is a big exception. Even the production is something very special.

It was discovered back in the 1960s. It is semi-synthetic because it was  obtained from the peel of the Spanish orange and is therefore one of the most bitter natural substances there is. But through the artificially initiated, so-called reverse osmosis (sorry for the technical terms) , in which a hydrogen atom is placed at the end of the molecule chain , it turns over and becomes as sweet as it was bitter before!

It has now been used very successfully in the feed industry for decades to conceal bitter tastes and at the same time to establish a very creamy taste in the product.
It also amplifies other tastes and thus serves as an enhancer.

BUT - in the animal feed industry it is only used in combination and very finely.

Here you get the original highly concentrated and pure!

Your advantages:

  • Bad in the mix / bait is overlaid
  • Good is amplified, that almost sounds like magic!

I've been using it since 2001 and of course it's included in most IB mixes.

You wonder why not everywhere?
Well, variety and recognition value play a role in this decision. The range should offer a bit of everything. Fish are caught again and again and some are quite capable of learning.

Tricking squared
Therefore there is not only one bait and new products as well as variety trick individual and “clever” carp again and again.

And you should know this in order to be able to distinguish the good from the bad NHDC: 
NHDC only tastes a little sweet on the tongue at first, but it gets stronger over the next few seconds and minutes, ending in a creamy, menthol-like aftertaste that doesn't want to go away! .

You notice this when you inhale strongly with your mouth open. The taste lasts extremely long, so that coffee drinkers will taste the next coffee of the day sweet even without sugar.

Attention free riders:
The taste is so unique that you will always recognize the authenticity of the product from the aftertaste alone. There are many free riders and when I tell you that NHDC is only ever supplied to companies as a powder and can only be made water-soluble with a trick and only then is it “easy to use” as an angler, then it quickly becomes clear that knowledge must be required by manufacturers.

Do a self-test
You are welcome to put this special carp magnet through its paces – you now know how to do it! NHDC has already fascinated and permanently convinced carp professionals like Leon Hoogendijk in the 90s – when are you going to try it and give your fishing a decisive touch!?

Use it when making your own boilies and/or for external use, for example combined with Carptrack Liquid Amino and thus moisten your finished boilies.

Dosage: In the mix or as a wetting from the outside 3-7 ml / kg

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