Carp'r'us - ATS Gladiator LS (LongShank) - (10 pieces) Sizes: 2, 4, 6

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Hook Size
ATS Gladiator LS

The Gladiator LS (Longshank) forms, through our innovative and very special manufacturing process of the ATS range, which has taken many years of development to perfection,
a hook model that is absolutely unrivaled in terms of sharpness and strength.

This hook is ideal for common rigs and very well suited for fishing in front of or in snags. The Gladiator LS has an exceptionally good hook hold!

We recommend tying it as a blow back rig or as a normal line aligner, where the wraps are laid down the shank to the height of the hook tip. Then no additional hose is necessary to fix the hair.
Improve hook turn with a mouthsnagger shorty .

Available in sizes: 2, 4, 6
Contents: 10 pieces

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