Carp'r'us - Mouthsnagger Dragonfly Larvae Shorty - (8 PCs) 4 colors

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Mouthsnagger Dragonfly Larvae Shorty

colors: green, brown, black, transparent

Developed to make the presentation at LongShank hook more compact (the normal mouth lagmis would exaggerate the hook leg). They can be used for large hook tubes as well as with small, thin -wire models. Due to the special inner form (see photo), the “shorts” are versatile.

The small version of the Mouthsnagger is made of exactly the same material as the big brother manufactured and also absorb the smell and taste of the water floor, Compared to other “line-aligners” materials.

ray dale-smith tip:

try to insert the hook with Mouthsnagger in your favorite dip or flavor . Only then pull a bait onto the boilie hair. It is certainly worth a try!

Available in the colors: green, brown, black & Transparent
Content: 8 pieces

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