Carp'r'us - ATS Cranked Hook - (10 pieces) Sizes: 4, 6, 8

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Ats Cranked Hook

designed by Frank Warwick in the early 90s and exclusively by Carp'r'us.

Through extensive tests of numerous carp anglers, it is clear that the ATS Cranked Hook is the “deadliest” hook in the carp scene.
This hook creates an amazing hooking, especially at long distances without damaging the carp mouth. The boilie hair should best escape in front of the hook arch. Use the Bead & AMP; Ring kit and a “Mouthsnagger Shorty” for the optimal HAK effect.

The entangled hook leg ensures a quick rotation into the lower lip of the carp and thereby reduces the chance to get rid of the hook.

Available in the sizes: < /b> 4, 6, 8
Content: 10 pieces

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Full HD Video:
Carp'R'us Cranked Hook Rig - by Julian Jurkewitz

In this video Julian Jurkewitz shows you in detail how the Carp'r'us
Cranked Hook Rig is built up and lives a few words. At the end
of course with thick carp!