IB Team Watch - Made in Germany
IB Team Watch - Made in Germany
IB Team Watch - Made in Germany
IB Team Watch - Made in Germany
IB Team Watch - Made in Germany
IB Team Watch - Made in Germany
IB Team Watch - Made in Germany
IB Team Watch - Made in Germany
IB Team Watch - Made in Germany
IB Team Watch - Made in Germany
IB Team Watch - Made in Germany

IB Team Watch - Made in Germany

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Imperial Fishing presents:
The new "IB Team Watch"

Highest quality at the lowest possible price! How does this work?
Primarily, we just want to get our investment back to make this great watch possible for all of us - a great product at the best possible price for the crowd!
The watch is an image project that is not primarily aimed at making a profit, but has long been a concern of ours to be able to bring it to market at all through sufficient purchases by our fans throughout Europe. As always, it goes without saying that we focus on high quality! And you can see just how high this is in the following details.

Sporty, classy, stylish and with an embossed scale look on the dial - that's the new "IB Team Watch" in a numbered edition that we've been dreaming of for so long!

The IB Team Watch is a real JUNKERS watch - made in Germany!
It is produced by the renowned German company, which is very well known to watch connoisseurs for its JUNKERS series. These can be found in every watch shop, just like their other flagships ZEPPELIN or MAXIMILIAN MÜNCHEN watches.

The IB Team Watch is based on one of the most popular JUNKERS models. For over 25 years, the company has been known for watches of very high quality, coupled with sophisticated, distinctive design, at a price that is nevertheless still affordable for a wide range of buyers. The company was understandably not motivated for 5 or 10 watches to produce us an individual IF watch according to our ideas in detail. 100 pieces are ordered, numbered! You would not have expected a cheap watch with a logo from somewhere, as it would have been easy to do, and so we are looking forward to 100 fans wearing the new time on their arms and showing us that we could rightly count on you.

Collectors watch out
If the IB Team Watch is as well received as we think it will be, we will launch a new edition every year. A black edition preview already exists, but we are not that far yet!

The movement
Swiss quartz movement calibre 5030d Ronda
Quality feature: 13 jewels gold-plated, 6 jewels nickel-plated
Repairable metal movement

- Leather strap (optional additional black silicone strap available)
- High quality chronograph with 3 eyes
- Battery life approx. 54 months (4 years)
- Scratch-resistant stainless steel case (colour cannot be touched)
- 3D embossed scales on the dial (imitates real scales!)
- Engraved back with serial number (limited edition for the time being)
- Detailed instruction manual enclosed

Functions of the chronograph
Centre stop second (1/1 sec)
30 minute counter
12 hours counter
Small second hand

Additional functions
- ADD functions - allows you to measure the duration of successive events without having to set the counter to zero each time. Each measured period of time is added to the previous one.
- Split function - allows you to stop the hands to read an intermediate time while the timing continues. When timing is resumed, the chronograph hands catch up with the elapsed time.
- Energy-saving function when the setting shaft is pulled out: reduction of power consumption by approx. 70%.
- Very easy handling by means of two pushers

Diameter of embossed scale dial 35.7 mm
Diameter watch 42 mm
Width bracelet 22 mm (bridge)

Price: 279 Euro

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