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IB Menu Monsters Paradise Cold Water Edition

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Save money and catch more carp.

This menu contains:
- 5kg IB Carptrack Monster's Paradise Boilies

You can choose between:
1. IB Carptrack Amino Dip & Gel Monster's Paradise


2. IB Carptrack inLiquid, Power Powder Bloodworm & Pop Ups Monster’s Paradise

Carptrack Monster's Paradise Cold Water Boilie:
A gentle bomb as long as it's not in the water - then there's a firework of sensor technology!
The boilie is based on the famous Carptrack Monster Boilie for a good reason, but it has half of the Carptrack Powder content and will therefore not be as filling. This makes it even more versatile and easier to handle.
It also contains 5% Hungarian paprika, 5% Spanish pepper (from Haith's and even hotter than Robin Red ), 2% Asian garlic powder and NHDC - the original.
He was twisted with 7ml/kg Carptrack Bloodworm Flavor and 1ml/kg Garlic Essential Oil. This makes a “bombshell in terms of immediate as well as long-lastingAttraction and washout!

Cold water and still carp? The five most important rules for success:
1. Never feed too much, the fish use the food extremely slowly in cold water (cold-blooded animals) - feed them regularly
in small portions Sites are often not far from winter sites
3. look for deep water, holes where current is reduced or where temperatures are still mostly around 4°C in the harshest of winters. A body of water always freezes over from above!
4. Carp are a lot less roaming in winter, if your spot isn't productive, change until they make first contact!
5. Winter carp biting periods are short, low pressure areas are often the most successful

The Carptrack Cold Water Boilies have been specially developed for fishing between November and April at cold water temperatures of up to 12°C .
The ingredients in the boilie mix are the same, but the proportion of water-soluble ingredients has been increased. Thus, the boilie smears faster and stronger from the outside and even with cold water the exchange of attractants takes place immediately. Our team anglers and customers trust in the Cold Water Boilies in winter and celebrate many successes, even when the ice cover is closed!

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