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IB Menu Monster Liver Cold Water Edition

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Save money and catch more carp. kg ib Carptrack Monster-Liva

Save money and catch more carp.

This menu contains:
– 5 kg IB Carptrack Monster-Liver Boilies
– IB Carptrack Amino Dip & Gel Monster-Liver

The Carptrack Cold Water Boilies have been specially developed for fishing between November and April in cold water temperatures of up to 12°C. The ingredients in the boilie mix are the same but the proportion of water soluble ingredients has been increased.

The ingredients in the boilie mix are the same, but the proportion of water-soluble ingredients has been increased. This means that the boilie smears faster and more strongly from the outside and the exchange of attractants takes place immediately even in cold water. Our team anglers and customers rely on the Cold Water Boilies in winter and celebrate many successes, even with closed ice cover!

Carptrack Monster-Liver Cold Water Boilie
This version of the famous Monster-Liver Boilie has once again been adapted to particularly cold water (below 12°C). This means that even at these temperatures they spread soluble elements which attract the fish to their scent (carptrack). Light feedings and even \"single-hook-baits\" lead to very successful winter trips. Carp fishing in winter? Of course!
Consisting of 50% each Carptrack Monster CW - and Liver CW Mix, as well as the additives Carptrack Liquid (18ml/kg), Carptrack Monster Flavour (5ml/kg) and Carptrack Frankfurter Saussage Flavour (4ml/kg). In the meantime we count quite a few ice and snow carp on the cold water versions of the successful Carptrack boilies. Convince yourself!
Good luck! max nollert - Not suitable for human consumption.

Cold water and still carp? The five most important rules for success:
1. never feed too much, the fish metabolise the food extremely slowly in cold water (warm-blooded animals) - feed small portions regularly.
2. start tracking the carp in October, these places are often not far from their wintering grounds.
3. look for deep water, holes where the current is reduced or where temperatures are usually still around 4°C in the hardest winter. A body of water always freezes from the top!
4. carp move around much less in winter, if your fishing spot is not productive, change until they make first contact!
5. The biting phases of winter carp are short, low pressure areas are often most successful.

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