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IB Menu Birdfood Banana Cold Water Edition

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This menu contains:

- 5 kg IB Carptrack Birdfood Banana Cold Water Edition

There you can choose between:
1. IB Carptrack Amino Dip & Gel Banana
2. IB Carptrack in Liquid , Power Powder Banana & Pop Ups Banana

Birdfood Banana Cold Water Boilie:
In the winters of the past few years, the Birdfood Banana Boilie has repeatedly emerged as an excellent cold water bait. Its bright yellow color makes it extremely conspicuous under water and arouses the curiosity of lazy winter carp. Its banana flavor is based on ethyl alcohol and therefore dissolves extremely well in cold water. The wonderfully sweet and creamy taste is created by adding IB Carptrack NHDC (natural sweetener, 1800x sweeter than sugar without becoming bitter or spicy) and the finest, highly soluble calf milk powder. With its amino acid profile, the added IB Carptrack Liquid Amino ensures extremely good feed acceptance and feeding stimulation - which we need most in winter!

And now it dissolves twice as fast!
The particularly good catches in winter prompted us to produce the Birdfood Banana Boilie in the Cold Water version. By increasing the water-soluble ingredients, such as calf's milk (with 20% now a double portion!) and reducing eggalbumin, the bait now works at least twice as fast. In other words: it works just as well in winter as normal boilies do in summer - at least!

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