IB Irock Inliner - 180 g

IB Irock Inliner - 180 g

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Irock - "More Fish, more sporty, more nice! ”Inliner 180 G

Have you ever tried?

  • sinks less deep into the mud after the throw, as the lead of the same form
  • gets high from the ground when moving in, much lower trailer risk!
  • has more grip through larger contact surface
  • improved Hake properties due to larger contact surface (more friction on the ground)
  • Minimized the risk of dropouts that the Irock gently follows the jerky movements of the carp.
  • absorbs up to 5% of its weight of aroma (e.g. flavor, dips, gels) and is slow
  • Irock seems neutral to it because it absorbs the ambient water
  • does not require a coating that could later be released in the event of basic contact
  • If you are able to do so, carp can no longer detect leads.
  • nature -friendly - non toxic! Without lead or tungsten!

Irock's offer us many technical advantages for greater success in carp fishing and are also completely harmless to our waters. For the first time, nature conservation is even cheaper than natural dirt!

Irocks can also be dipped , since they have been designed in this way because they can absorb flavors. For a long time a trend for other fishing species, it may still sound a little strange for us. Carp fishing bliss alternatives "> Dr. Catch - Michael Lechelt - Here the report to Irock

Dr. Catch - Michael Lechelt - here the report on the iRock

Large Iblog Update The Irocks - Click here!

Note: The Irock has a little more air resistance when throwing on Longrange.
Lighter Irock can be fished for the reasons mentioned above. Irock inliner width forms even under 100 g in cooperation with Ufosinker are now available!

-Properties of Irock flu explained and demonstrates by Dennis Pries!
The Suitable Iblog Update , you can find this link .

Video: The Irock Statement

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