Additive Karpfenangeln pimp my bait
Additive Karpfenangeln pimp my bait

IB Carptrack Pocket Power Powder Tutti Frutti - 25 G

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Imperial Baits Carptrack "Pocket Power Powders".
Small, practical, big effect!

What are Carptrack Power Powders?
Great intense aroma, highly concentrated - very catchy!

from the beginning we have used with a dosage of only 0,075% the Osmotic
Spice Power Powder in the Osmotic Spice Boiliemix, just like the
Strawberry Power Powder in the Elite Strawberry Mix, etc., to improve the
Boiliegeschmack as well as smell around a multiple to strengthen and them
to make them even more catchy.

The Power Powders are used with only 1
g / kg in the Boiliemix, Stickmix, or for the outer wetting of Boilies,
Pellets and particles.

At the same time they are very productive and a 25 g can is sufficient for 25 kg of carp feed.

your carp bait that certain extra scent and flavor with minimal
minimal dosage of IB Carptrack Power Powders.

The new "Pocket Power Powders" should not be missing in any bait bag!

Contents: 25 g
comes in a practical, small pocket tin

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