IB Carptrack Essential Oil Black Pepper
IB Carptrack Essential Oil Black Pepper
IB Carptrack Essential Oil Black Pepper

IB Carptrack Essential Oil Black Pepper

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Dosage: 1-3 ml / kg

Flavour & Essential Oils that influence the eating behaviour of the carp!
- Also available in the XXL 300 ml aluminium bottle, incl. flavour resistant measuring cup from Buchsteiner!

Imperial Baits Carptrack Flavour are highly concentrated flavours that are very productive and above all boil-proof.

Carp love Carptrack Flavour!

Basically the "Carptrack" is the track of the boilie that can be followed by fish over long distances.
can be followed by fish over long distances. Of course the flavours
the flavours used play a big role. Already in the 90s
we experimented with a lot of flavours and had crazy trips to the most
different waters in France! After that the
term "Carptrack" was coined. Max Nollert wrote reports about the best trips for various
for various trade magazines. If you are interested, you can still read them
online if you are interested.
Anglers who were strangers to us and who were sitting next to us
claimed that we had something in the bait that the carp were looking for.
would be looking for.... This had to be the "Carptrack" and the name was born!

More taste and smell for your bait
Flavour your baits!
Whether by adding to the boilie mix or adding flavour to the outside of boilies, pop ups, stick mixes and particles.
Carptrack Flavour is quickly and easily absorbed into the bait and
release the flavouring into the water over a long period of time.
Carptrack Flavour spreads very quickly around the bait in the water.
Essential Oils, on the other hand, rise.

Recognition value
Carptrack Flavourn gives your baits recognition value - a huge advantage on successive trips, even with small amounts of food. 

Max Nollert 2017:
"After all these years on the scene as a carp angler and lure producer, it's now no surprise to me how much Flavours and Essential Oils influence the feeding behaviour of carp!"

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