Fender -Expander Kit - "Quick Release"
Fender -Expander Kit - "Quick Release"
Fender -Expander Kit - "Quick Release"
Fender -Expander Kit - "Quick Release"
Fender -Expander Kit - "Quick Release"
Fender -Expander Kit - "Quick Release"

Fender -Expander Kit - "Quick Release"

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Fender -Expander Kit - "Quick Release"

  • for safe boat attachment on the water
  • fast resolving of the boat in the run
  • Umlenkbojen in carp and wall fishing
  • demolition assembly, boje in the Wallerische

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x inflatable fender with a practical inflatable boat valve and with 2 Inox D-rings
  • 1 x 1.5 m expander, very robust, extra not too elastic.
  • 3 x very solid inox carabiner
  • 1 x panic hook with a quick release closure

for boating attachment or fixation at a 'position on the water
Set a small 6.5 kg mushroom anchor (e.g. from Amiaud)
or a Ibox filled with stones To fix fenders in the water on the floor.
Your boat is attached to the panic hook and thus remains away from the shore .
put the weight far into the water.
Note: This works ideal with a flatter shore but not in the event of immediately steep and deeply sloping shores.

for the boat fixation to the bank when the bank drops steeply and you cannot wade in. There you can attach the boat or loosen the boat over the Quick release.

Great advantage over many replicas offered on the market:

  • The pack size is much lower, since inflatable
  • The buoyancy is greater
  • The high -quality Decitex 1100 does not break from the drive!

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