DVD '' Unplugged Waller 1 - Giants from Ebro ''

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Unplugged Waller I: '' Giants from Ebro '' '
with Max Nollert & Rüdiger Wilpert (original double DVD, burned, without pressure, 260 min.)

'' unplugged '' in this context stands for a special fishing video Great overlays or the latest music shines, but completely through the content itself. Every cut or displacement of the original sound could not have improved the peculiarity of the entire work! 2001 at Spanish Ebro.
on the breathtaking Lake Caspe and the Ebro itself not only see Wallerdrills at all day and night times ... Different terrain as well as the greatest sunshine but also strong winds accompany us via 11 unforgettable days of fishing in which we could catch 63 catfish . 15 fish of it were over 1.80 meters long and two true colossi even 65 and 70kg were heavy . Anyone who had written a script in advance would never have come to many of the incredible, actual events, but above all the increasing drama - The best stories still write life itself .

Let yourself be enchanted by almost 4 1/2 hours of film by the reality of the ebrogyants ...!

incl. Bon track 25 min. - 5 German carp between 18.5 and 20 kg with drills and GPS demonstration!

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