DVD '' 'Lords of Gold' 'by Klaus Schneiderhahn & S.Skädler

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DVD - Lords of Gold
by Klaus Schneiderhahn & S.Skädler

The somewhat different story ...
From a short -term decision, they became an unforgettable fishing experience.
Experience combat -strong carp, huge waller and a fantastic Beautiful landscape in Spain - on the legendary Rio Ebro.
Follow numerous exciting drills, embedded in the history of a mysterious amulet.
and always think about it ... Never look for this amulet, because it will be from Find alone ...
Let yourself be enchanted and enjoy the Spanish gold from Rio Ebro.

A production of 'eso films''
Duration: 40 min.

trailer show now watch on YouTube!

comment Max Nollert:
'' Klaus Schneiderhan once again proves to combine its directing thanks with a creative art of cutting. A really worth seeing film that brings you closer to the scenery of Rio Ebro and its strong fishing in an entertaining way. You will not forget the recordings of the gigantic white and two -tone wallers - really impressive! ''

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