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Carptrack Monster's Paradise Boilie - 5 kg / 16 mm - Top B -goods

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top B -goods - only as long as stock last! B>
where we produce so much, something falls off - to your advantage!

We select:
everything that is not completely round, sometimes harder or soft or holy. So that not the usual 1a quality and pack it as
2. Wahl Boilies:

carptrack Monster's Paradise Boilie
A gentle bomb as long as it is not in the water
- then there is a fireworks Sensors!
The boilie is in the base of the Famose Carptrack Monster
Boilie, but it has half of the carptrack powder share and
will not be so filling . So he is still versatile and
easier handlebar.
It also includes:

  • 5% Hungarian peppers
  • 5% Spanish Pepper (from Haith`s and even sharper than Robin Red)
  • 2% Asian garlic powder
  • nhdc - the original.

it is turned off with 7ml/kg carptrack Bloodworm Flavour and 1ml/kg Garlic Essential Oil. This results in a "bomb '' ' with regard to immediate and long
attraction and washing out!

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