Carp'r'us - totally tapered line

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The cord tapers from 0.50mm eg to 0.30mm at a length of 12m.  

The Tapered Leader was developed by Carp'r'us to get the most out of your casts.

The leader is used when casting with braided lines. Due to the club shape of the line , it is possible to throw violently without risking a line break. The tapering at the end of the leader, to which you knot the main line, ensures that the knot is significantly smaller and therefore flies through the rings much more easily.

Casting for Long Range - here we go.

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Have you ever thought about what really lies in pressure on the line?

We tested it. Look here - broken hook test and "you really play with that much pressure" test.
Test it yourself - you will be amazed. 

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