Carp Sounder CampStar

Carp Sounder CampStar

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Campstar ONE

The Campstar wireless bivvy light is used in connection with our wireless bite alarm AGEone and the Campsecure alarm system as bivvy lighting. With the magnetic bracket you can attach the Campstar to the tent wall. The additionally available stand allows it to be set up on the bivvy table. The Campstar housing is waterproof and can therefore also be used outside of the bivvy. With a bankstick/stormrod you can also place the Campstar in front of the bivvy for path lighting. The Campstar transmitter can be used on the Rod Pod/ Buzzer Bar as fishing spot lighting. The system integration with the CS radio system of the AGEone makes the Campstar unique.

You have the option of adjusting the Campstar to your fishing needs. You decide when the Campstar lights up when you're bitten, how brightly the Campstar lights up when you're bitten and how long the Campstar lights up when you're bitten! The intelligent sensitivity setting gives you the ability to distinguish between false alarms caused by wind or current and a bite. With the Campsecure alarm transmitter you can also optimize your alarm system and if someone approaches your fishing spot, the light in the bivvy will switch on automatically.

4x LED 10 mm/ white for bivvy light
Afterglow time adjustable (5 levels, 30-150 sec.)
Brightness adjustable (5 levels) and can be switched off
Adjustable LED continuous light (3 levels) automatic and manual switch-off
1 x RGB LED 10 mm for bite indication and display of the ACC radio control
(in the case of a bite, the color corresponds to that of the bite alarm with the last action, attention RGB LED colors are mixed)
Sensitivity adjustable (5 levels)
Sensitivity with zero setting after a certain time interval (this means that the Campstar is only ever activated with the set sensitivity)
Battery level indicator during operation
Battery level indicator when switching on
Screw for rod pod / bankstick or bivvy table stand
Magnetic hanging system
Radio activation through Carpsounder AGEone and Campsecure
Radio reception range approx. 100 m
Waterproof and robust housing
Factory reset function
All settings and the radio coding are retained when the battery is changed

Areas of application:

In connection with the AGEone bite alarm, the Campstar is automatically switched on and illuminates the bivvy, brolly etc. when there is a bite.
In connection with the CAMPSECURE alarm transmitter, the Campstar is automatically switched on and lights up the bivvy, brolly, etc. in the event of a warning message.
Bank lighting for the way to the rods or the boat
Auto surveillance/ lighting in connection with Campsecure alarm transmitter
Fishing spot lighting for landing nets, unhooking, refilling in connection with Campsecure
Fishing spot lighting for setting up and dismantling the tackle in the dark in connection with Campsecure

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