Carp'r'us - Smooth Braid - (20 m) strengthen: 15, 25, 45 lb

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Smooth Braid

What is special about the development of Smooth Braid is the absolute resistance to breakage, strength, suppleness and abrasion resistance in relation to a remarkably small diameter.

A very high knot strength completes the braided,
black leader material.

Why black?
Black is the most common "color" found on the bottom and carp are the least able to perceive it. Smooth Braid thus offers absolute camouflage and does not scare away even extremely sensitive and cautious carp.

Smooth Braid quickly became one of the most popular braids and offers absolute reliability.

Available in the following line sizes: 15, 25, 45 lb
Content: 20 m per spool

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