Carp'r'us - rap -it - medium (12-16 mm)

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Rap-It - against crab & whitefish attacks!
- medium

With the enormous increase in crabs in our waters or the catfish plague in many places, it is becoming increasingly difficult to present the hook bait cleanly.

Again and again, after a few hours or the next morning, the rude awakening comes: the hook bait is completely off or has been badly nibbled on and disfigured. All of this will no longer happen to you if you use Rap-It, your bait can stay put, stay put for a long time.

Pellets in a Rap-it coat
Also use Rap-It to fish effectively and long with pellets on the hair.

Liquid Powder Paste 
When you see that paste squeezing out of the holes and because of the increased pressure in the mantle caused by the paste spreading through the water, you won't want to fish anywhere else. 

The application is easy:

  • Cut a matching strip of Rap-it
  • put your bait in
  • shrink the Rap-it over steam or briefly in boiling water

Available in 2 sizes:
medium for 12-16mm baits
large for 18-30mm baits - currently out of stock, will be restocked

Contents: Sufficient for around 30-40 hookbaits

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