Carp'r'us - Liquid Horizon - 20 ml (wide throw & cord care)

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Liquid Horizon - 20 ml (long cast & line care)

A great helper that you will love! In cooperation with line experts, we developed a special liquid that provides outstanding lubrication.

  • This will get you far more throws.

But not only that, Liquid Horizon will protect your fishing line from UV radiation and the associated aging/drying out. To add even more to all the advantages, the resistance to line abrasion has been increased.



  • for both mono and braided lines
  • more throws
  • Protection against UV radiation
  • prevention of aging/dehydration
  • higher abrasion resistance



Simply place a few drops directly onto the line spool of your fishing reel. 20 ml is enough for umpteen rolls. You will feel that your fishing line will be much softer, smoother and more protected.


Content: 20 ml

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