Carp'r'us - Clearwater Fluorocarbon - (20 m) strengthen: 15, 25 lb

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Line Thickness

In the meantime there are many fluorocarbon cords on the market, but everyone has the same problems: they are stubborn, it is complicated to tie a good knot, they have too much stretch, form wigs and are therefore difficult to straighten.

Clearwater is a new generation of fluorocarbon and is produced exclusively for Carp'r'us.

The Clearwater Fluorocarbon is absolutely invisible in the water and sinks like a stone, no further “breath” is necessary.
Undoubtedly the best on the market - touch it, bind it, use it and you will see why! Absolute node resistance, breakproof, abrasion -proof and stretching arm!

Perfect for anti -tangle stiff rigs Integration should give, e.g. in the river, in high white fish or cancer attacks.

Available in the following cord strengths: 15, 25 lb & 50 LB
Content: 20 m per coil

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