Airgun "Next Generation" 2.5 kg dough

Airgun "Next Generation" 2.5 kg dough

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The untamed workhorse
Next Generation Boilieguns. Quality that delivers what it promises.

3 models to choose from:
1 kg, 2.5 kg, 3.5 kg or for 4.5 boilie dough.

Included with each gun:
3 cuttable spray nozzles with diameter specification.

The perfect boiliegun!
A high quality workmanship and solid construction by ribbed
aluminum ensure even under very high load for a long
service life.

Special attention was paid to smooth-running
and extremely strong thread - already when attaching it may not be
hook. An installed pressure gauge permanently indicates the working pressure.

nozzles are firmly seated in the lid of the gun by means of a special inlet and
Gun and perform clean work. The ideal working pressure of up to 8 bar
can be achieved with any commercially available compressor.

So makes the own boilie production RICHTIG fun!

See a video of the improved predecessor model (3.5 kg variant) here!

Carp Total film clip on the subject of boilie production with BPS

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