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STORMSURE - Super Glue

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2 products

2 products

STORMSURE - the super glue is back!
A look into the past - the experiment

In 2014, Imperial Fishing first reported on the super glue STORMSURE and impressed us with an experiment in which two inflatable boats were each equipped with a saw were divided in two. With the help of STORMSURE, both boats were then glued by customers / applicants and thus made completely ready for use again. The "glue masters" were then allowed to keep the boats and still use them today. That caused a stir and a real WOW effect!

Imperial Fishing glue?
After a very successful sales start, STORMSURE disappeared from the scene for a while, despite great demand. Imperial Fishing continued to experiment, but in the end one thing was clear: Stormsure remains unbeaten and is not only the very best super glue for us anglers: transparent, flexible and incredibly strong!

Therefore, STORMSURE has now been relaunched and is now available again from Imperial Fishing in 15g tubes, 3 x 5g and even 90g tubes !

Special properties:
Stormsure hardens due to the moisture contained in the ambient air!- Stormsure remains flexible after hardening!- Despite its elasticity, Stormsure is resistant to pressure, tension and tear-resistant These properties make Stormsure an almost unique adhesive and therefore an irreplaceable repair aid for household, workshop, job and all hobbies!

Examples for us anglers:
permanently seal without additional patches - repair defective waders / waders with pure Stormsure - repair defective waterproof clothing in no time - defective tents, unhooking mats, bags , rod pods and landing nets are repaired "patchless" (without patches) with pure Stormsure in no time at all and thus made ready for use again on site - depending on the size of the holes, inflatable boats are permanently sealed again with pure Stormsure without flakes "patchless" or Stormsure + patches

Stormsure glues almost anything!
PVC, metals, glass, plastic, PU, ​​composites, nylon, rubber, leather, wood, many fabrics, man-made materials & more - all together Can be combined!

Scope of delivery
The scope of delivery includes 1 x 15 g STORMSURE super glue, 2 x protective gloves, blister packaging with instructions for use and warnings