When is life most beautiful?

When is life most beautiful? Read on ....
A new age - is that? For me it just keeps going. Improve skills to leave the boring routine no chance πŸ˜‰
ok, there are milestones whenever you like to remember something, there are certainly moments that have burned themselves into our brain and do not as a special event have it extinguished.
We do not have the wish at all, linger a moment, feel good and it continues in the here and now.
In this context the question of:
When is life most beautiful ??
Answer: Always now!
What was over, what is we not know.

Enjoy the moment!

tight lines and stays healthy,
Max Nollert

p.s. At this point in the photo, it was on the Rhine in 1996, there were no imperial baits with Carptrack boilies and additives, nor iboats or Rebelcellcell. Time ...

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