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press release from February 14, 2008

Andreas Scherf becomes account manager at FOX and remains team angler at Imperial baits .
We look forward to you May our team member Andreas Scherf from March 17th, 2008 an employment relationship with FOX, probably the most innovative company in the Tackle area, on the fishing market.
Andreas will take the position of the "Account Manager" was occupied by Matthias Wachholz and to which the task of the "European Sales Manager" was handed over.
But Andreas will not be lost to us, because he will continue to fish with the bait of the Imperial Baits and actively support us with his know -how.
"On the quality of Imperial Baits Alternative! " so his words.

comment Max Nollert:
" andi, I look forward to your development in yours Beloved hobby and wish you every success with your new task! Stay as you are, we appreciate that very much! "

on October 19, 2007, Andi caught this carp called Joe, with 33 , 6kg. It was the biggest carp that was caught in the test phase of the new Carptrack Elite Boilies . This will be available from around mid -March 2008. It was designed for particularly difficult situations and nothing was saved regarding the ingredients! You can find more information about this in the new catalog Imperial Fishing 2008 , which will be released on 05.03.2008 Of course here at carp-gps.com .

"Joe" with 33.60kg on 19.10 .2007-not previously published that the fish was able to catch Andi in the test phase of the Carptrack Elite Boilies.

Thomas Bastien - New Big Ones with Carptrack Fish Boilies
The history of the almost incredible catch of Thomas Bastien and Imperial Baits continues.
It was in mid-January 2008 as Thomas < B> in 4 days 2 carp over 30 kg could catch. 31.2kg and 30.2kg to be precise. For 16 days he fished in an alpine lake in southern France. At the beginning, Thomas fed a larger area with Carptrack Fish Boilies, since the water temperature was only at 6 ° C . In 15 different places, Thomas fed only 10 boilies per place twice a day and even a third time at 2:00 a.m. These boilies are made with the very attractive Indian Black Pepper Oil and release them even at very cold temperatures, since these FishBoilies partly water-soluble are. They also contain Robin Red and super red , as well as a lot of fish flour along with water-soluble protein concentrate.
At the beginning of the 3rd day, Thomas was able to catch a carp with 21.5 kg and he was already very happy about it. He continued to fish and always had a watchful eye on the water surface and rotating carp or even in 0.8-1.5 m depth to observe traces of eating carp. He drove the places over and over again to check whether the food was accepted.
The water was very cloudy in various places and Thomas, team member of Imperial Baits, immediately placed his assembly on the spot.
then the thicknesses came.
4 days just over 30 kg - madness!
Both carp fought well, even at these temperatures. Thomas started fishing in November 2007 with the
imperial legend carp 13ft 2.75lb , and even if 2.75lb sounds little, Thomas sounds Was amazed about the capacity and tough -elastic power reserves of this rod .
He reported on a very good control of the fish in the drill and about great handling. This rod is light and sensitive but also strong enough that it can throw up to 200g lead with it - a very good mix!
In the past, there have been many sensational catches with this fish boilie, but that someone could catch 2 such giants within such a short time is particularly amazing.
Imperial Baits now counts 12 carp over 30 kg and we only talk about the catches of the team members . Many gigantic carp more were caught by customers. Unfortunately, we don't know exactly how.
Maybe you should give the bait a chance if you haven't done it yet ...

Tomas Bastien, Jan 08, South France, 30.2 kg, on Carptrack Fish Boilie , Rod: Imperial Legend Carp 13ft/2.75LB

Tomas Bastien, Jan 08, South France, 31.2 kg, on

21.5 kg for the opening

Even at 2:00 a.m., Thomas fed 10 fish boilies in 15 places! Of course, he was only able to fishing only 4 places of it at the same time.
es Was cold!

Br> his friend Rudi will only shave after the first Big One in 2008 ...

his dog always has a watchful eye ...

After 16 days the fat ones were caught

Stefan Seuß - another cracker by the butt! Seuss, in January 2008 together with Roland Petri
www.wallerforum.com the way to the middle run of the butt. They fished a long river bank near the well -known catfish camp on the bottom of the Heiner family. The water temperatures were 8 degrees. On January 29, 2008, the two were able to tame a 2.38m long winter wall after a long drill. This fish is the clear proof that you can also count on weight in Italy.
Information at www.neckarwaller.com

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