Tempation Ten and Twelve Feet are now going into production

sorry and thanks to everyone who waited for so long 👌🙏
The new twelve feet even with full duplon and alconite style guides >
Now the components are finally delivered, mandrill kernels are wrapped with carbon mats, in addition Woven carbon roughly and finely pressed with many tons of pressure, heated stoves, rings in number and size and feet sanded, cork for them Ten and duplon cut for the twelve, pulled yarn ....

directly to the Temption rods:

At that time I traveled to England and documented all steps as an example of basic rod construction. Even the production of the carbon mats was allowed to film me, because on site in Manchester, primco, carbon mats for Airbus and the there were Department of rod construction presented. I will load the whole film on YouTube shortly. So far there was only a shortened and unfortunately very blurred version . Nevertheless, she has Ü50k views, wow.