IB Carptrack Monster-Liver Boilie

Unique in its composition and efficiency.

Anyone who has sufficiently tested this bait and was not successful with it, may it Write his statement here.
If you want to see more about the history of the Monster-Liver Boilies, you can click on this link here and come to Monster-Liver selection in Max Nollert since 2003 about Www.carp-gps.com Enter.

River records, sea records, PB’s still and Nöcher. There are so many success strips that you can hardly get out of amazement. And Dman will see many familiar faces.

Everyone owes their PB's to this bait at the times. Many companies tried to build this bait, it remained in experiments.

The special catch formula remains secret.
We produce monster-live every week because you want it that way

Photo by Boilies: @fishermans.life

Here only one of hundreds of updates / big ones on this Gant special boilie.

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