Horny time! By Kay Synwoldt

horny time!

this complaining about all the worries and needs. Yes we had an email exchange and somehow I asked Kay:
"What would be if we could forget bad vibes in one fell swoop? Would we have a hornier time and in the end even more fun fishing? Read the two sides of the medal from Carp in Focus editor-in-chief Kay Synwoldt. P>

Have fun, Max Nollert

j Eder knows the scene from the science fiction comedy "Men in Black", in which Will Smith asks the bystanders to look at the staff he has granted. A short flash of light follows - those who do not wear dark sunglasses have forgotten everything seen beforehand.

In the well-known Hollywood blockbuster, it is things about aliens that not everyone should know, things that normal people probably overwhelm. So the bystanders in the film were flashed for their own protection.

a fine thing. Because what if I could actually forget the previous misery with a flash, I would find myself in my carefree youth?

I would then voluntarily look into the light without sunglasses and delete all the experiences?

on the one hand, on the one hand, I sometimes look a little jealous of youth who know so little.

"The stupid ones are so safe and the clever so full doubt", the British philosopher Bertrand Russell is said to have said.

How carefree and how cool does life have to be if you have no idea of ​​the contexts and obligations with which you will have to deal with later life? Instead, dreams of things all day, which are completely unrealistic from a distance, which at least make you believe in something. Without all the doubts. Feel good. As if you were immortal, the whole world seems to be at your feet.

But is it so easy, the sky hangs really full of violins without knowledge?

When I think back to my youth, I was without a question I was pretty naive and thought little about the future. Accordingly, I used little energy to rush my brain about the questions that are important today. There were other problems for that. From today's perspective, trifles. At the time I saw it differently.

On the other hand, today I think almost in mid -fifties: I never want to be as naive as back then - even if I would get more time to fishing as a bonus. Just like before.

You can turn it and turn as you want: there are always two sides. At least.

is undisputed: my much sober view of many things due to many experience is robbed of a large part of the magic that I once felt. Also when fishing. There are (too) many truths broken the hobby. A large part of the tension, the fever makes space for bitter realities. In the past, I believed in many a thick fish without ever catching it. Probably he was never there. Today I know beforehand that my food thrown into it was not eaten and I will probably collect a blank.

is it better to know the truth, or is you happier if you die stupid? So rather not an underwater camera?

or how about it: be young again - with the knowledge of today?

so nothing flashed, only turned back the physical decay. I imagine that. With today's wisdom, many mistakes would not be repeated. Then the world would be open to you. Not least because you would bleed down less lifetime for nonsensical things.

or looked into the future: How cool does it have to be to finally get the pension through and no longer make the bückling for every cent? Then you could enjoy your life more carefree.

If you confront pensioners with these advantages, they always tell you the same thing: “Everything is nice and good with the pension. The disadvantage is, then you are old and frail. ”

well - then stand and don't know what to do. When is the hottest time now?

maybe even now? I can't answer it clearly. Because somehow we always have something to complain about.

kay synwoldt

and here too the question and the statement in the group:
When is life most beautiful? Always now! What was over, what is we not know. Enjoy the moment! Tight Lines, Max Nollert

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