Fish flour boilies in spring?

Question from the network, answer from practice.
ReferrerPolicy = you can with Fischboilies Get good catching all year round?
Very clear answer: Yes! A well-balanced Fish flour boilie With about 25-35% fish flour, the whole Year loved to eat from carp. This is because fish flour can be metabolized very well from the carp. In Germany, many carp from fish farms come from our warmer realms. The reason for this is the honorable German weather, which means that the carp can not reproduce so well in a natural way. Most of the “new” just don't make it over the first winter.

in these fish breeds (e.g. Styria) the carp with special carp pellets raised, which also contain a very high proportion of fish flour -& gt; Carptrack aminopellets . That means our carp already know the smell and taste of fish flour from their children's room and from the pike. Which also means that there is already a certain level of trust. The Imperial baits Big Fish Boilie href = " concentrate"> Protein concentration council , also the Famose Robin Red and Super Red from Haiths and also black Pepper , Fischöl etc" in the blood ". A first classic classic in the Imperial Baits Carptrack Boilierang e - since 2004.

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