Catch time - how much do you have? Use it...

hello everyone,
I have a great pleasure to share some memories of the year 2020 with you. A year that was not easy with regard to my available "catch time", but was still a year with very good results. -Paradise-boilie "> Monsters Paradise Carptrack Boilies or Big Fish Bolies this year I have myself this year Mainly on Mega-Krill concentrated so that I can test them for a whole season and in different waters.

First mirror carp of the year
This weighs 20 kilos. Vacation, August 2020, an extraordinary family fish! Ter, always with Mega-Krill-carptrack boilies around the clock! It was a real hit with several sleepless nights and some very nice carp like that that weighs almost 20 kilos. /3687/files/dSc_0180_600x600.jpg?v=1614267253 "Alt =" ">

and then there was thick : Carptrackboilies Boilies mega krill 30mm

BR> This magnificent city was conquered under glowing heat in September! Caught with a 30mm ball on the Botton Bait, 22 kilos - Yeahhh!

autumn is the best of the seasons!
This magnificent mirror, IC was able to outwit only a few bites at a "full lake", in a rather complicated session. But a real copy like this miracle with 23.9 kilos. = 1614267230 "Alt =" ">
At the end of October, a towing tone of a 24-Krill-Schneemann < /A>/ 20-orange VPOP .
This excellent 24-kilo level was immediately taken Released after a few photos, so as not to keep it in the "bag" overnight. /DSc_1338_600x600.jpg?v=1614267237 "Alt =" ">
At the end of the season, a splendid" 18.4 kilo spirit "was caught in the Rhône shortly before the end of the year.
For a wonderful season, I am completely satisfied with the Krill-boilies, that made it possible for me, large series of Fishing and especially some nice specimens to outsmart, because that's more and more. Be smarter than the fish and they learn constantly. Such a bait helps immensely.

A season with many great moments as always, and passion remains! 1/0444/0932/3687/Files/img_4001_2_600x600.jpg? V = 1614267243 "Alt =" ">
to soon on the water
Gregory Lefebvre

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