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Question of a customer:
"As a child, I often fished with my father. At that time we fished with dough or with potatoes on carp. Everyone had their secret recipe with the dough and we also caught well. Does it still have sense to fish with such things today or not because the fish are used to modern boilies? ”An interesting question.

The time is not quiet and in recent years a lot has happened in the bait area and equipment. There is a lot of research and experimenting, the know -how is growing steadily, not only with the producers and anglers, but also with the carp! Bait is becoming more and more finely tailored to the preferences and what has already been adapted / learned of the carp. In the meantime we know which among the many different tastes/amino acids address the carp particularly well and which honor have no meaning for the sensory organs.

The simple dough has also developed and now catches better than ever. We have been taking the now very well-known Imperial Baits Liquid powder paste as a modern variant of "" Simple “dough. This contains intensive flavors and amino acids that work particularly well on carp. She is tough like chewing gum! Liquid powder paste makes you tired carp and your fishing day will be more colorful!

With this modern dough, the hook bait can be covered well or you can simply fish them as a cut cube! There are also 3 of the top 5 ingredients of the entire IB range in the paste! These have been gamechanger for carp fishing for 2 decades! Not to be confused with any paste of post -omers without your own ideas / attempts and everything that goes with it to develop an absolute top product.

tight lines, Max Nollert

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