The iBoats are there. What a day - what a day - quel jour thank you - Thank you - merci 🙏🙏

an exciting day.

in advance:
The iBoats are currently still on offer.
The online fair is still running.
- 10% additional discount on all iBoats and many other articles

check the prices.

and Franko wrote a note on the stand Load ”and everyone helped him. Thanks to everyone who made it possible yesterday. To the many hard -working helpers, with head and pure muscle strength. Thanks to the many, many IBOAT buyers and your trust. Have fun with your new boats now. And if you don't get any of your pre -order, we have good news for you. On Monday, February 14th Comes the next container👍🔥 and there are still a few left over, because we finally want to come to the comfort zone and can deliver inflatable boats immediately after receipt of the order. We can do that with the current inventory.
iBoats are in the house. In fact, all sizes, except 210.
and brand new the 360 ​​The Pioneer. Exciting ...

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