The birthday session with Monster-Liver CW

a session for my birthday. Caroline and I decide to hold a one -week session for my birthday in March.

Since we didn't know how the weather would be, the temperatures did not make fishing easy to our disadvantage. With a water temperature below 8 degrees , the carp died very little. I choose the Cold water version of the Monster-Liver Boilies for this session with your Gel and your DIP , to make the difference. On the first night when I decide to fishing with a bright yellow v-pop 20mm, the carp did not respond to any of the Rods. I decided to change my strategy and with a 10 mm-white VPOP to fish over the 20s sinker, whereby I had soaked everything in the Monster Liver Dip, That was a direct hit! The bites followed one after the other!

We fed very little. It must be said that we did not need quantity for this session, but quality to get the carp bites. 24 fish came to a short Visit to our mat. The ODB 12V 70AH A very, very good battery-WoW What has the ne power !!

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