The work of a boilies using the example of Monster-Liver & Monster Liver Activ

The work of a boilies

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What do you need with the boilie?

The first rays of sun fall on the huge lake, which carp anglers from all over the world are moving to. Full of euphoria, they came in droves to the waters of their dreams. Now that the sun dissolves the last fog above the water, the right moment for a few photos of the clutches of the night would be.

In the camps on the lake bank, coffee is cooked this morning and the obvious bite is discussed:
Summerloch, too much natural food in the lake, sluggish carp without appetite and too many boilies in water?
Long faces on the bank.

> But stop: A angler indicates the neighbor's technology in his camera - indeed, he struck at night. Three runs and two wonderful carp. A holiday dream came true for him.
Coincidence? The seventh sense? Or "only" the right bait in the right place?

carp course
Probably the latter: Because Boilie is not the same as a boilie, and the most digestible, high quality delicacies will not catch anything if there are no fish. That sounds very banal, but is crucial for success. After all, the carp in most waters are not dependent on additional feed, but swim through their daily course in search of mud tube worms, larvae, water snails and mussels. On these carp routes, the angler gets to success very quickly, even without a long feeder. Once the fish have become aware of it, a simple boiling mix with a flour -intensive flour is completely sufficient in these hot areas.

away from the paths, on the other hand, you will only catch if a swarm is looking for new feeding points or if the carp is helped a little with a fragrance trail. Liquid attracting concentrates, so-called flavor, bring them to a boilie course.

Most anglers select the flavor of their homemade food balls after the smell. The carp freak can draw from the full. Because the manufacturers now know no limits and develop the craziest fragrance notes.

Anyone who is actually convinced that apricot here and there catches better than peach should fishing with it. Finally, faith moves mountains ...

aroma track
much more important to me, the carrier substance and type of verification of our favorite block fabric. Make yourself in the carp that smells smelling and tasting on the fins - on the fragrance of the boilies. The hungry fish will follow the increasing attraction concentration and finally find the feed ball.

But what if it has already given the solvable flavors? Then the aroma track suddenly tears off, and the carp remains hungry-and so shortly before the target.

faster fragrance, long -lasting fragrance - that works!

on a water where I build with other anglers for the favor of the numerous carp, I always fish intensively attractants and flavor-free boilies, i.e. a fine mix with as much inner surface as possible, not too fat. One way to make his boilies, especially his hook bait a little more attractive for a short time, is to wet them before fishing. Many will already know this process under the name "PIMP". Amino Complex Liquid & AMP always comes with me; Powder for use, which spreads upwards, but also to the side.

And that's everything in there:
amino complex liquid:
Liquid 19.5%
i nl 19.5%
Liquid amino < /a> 60%
NHDC-The Powder: Original 1%

Amino Complex Powder:
powder < /a> 35%
Inp 25%, < /Span> Liver 10%
Protein concentrate
Squid-Liver Mehl 10%
GLM Full-FAT 5%
Betain 5%

on a large lake, however, where you fish at a long distance and do not know any biting times, I also use it to attract as long as possible. Even if the PIMP has done its work after many hours, a monster -live boilie continues - he works. See picture above.

When preparing boilies, some manufacturers often make the mistake of using a mix that is much too rough and also fat boilie mix in connection with an oil aroma. Some time ago I found balls that had probably been in the shallow water for several days.
i ch broke one after the other - for everyone the same:
You only had aroma on the outer edge And dye released and rays inside still freshly cooked. Due to the compilation, the water could no longer replace the flavor or ingredients. Certainly not a desired effect, since such balls keep almost all smell content and not "work" for us.

For me, a combination of fast and long -lasting flavors and flour is the ideal choice for me when making boilies.
With these special baits, I am well prepared for 99 percent of all fishing situations. I am also happy to use flour-intensive flours such as fish flour and roasted nut flour, protein concentrate, squid-liver to give the balls a tempting self-smell.

well dosed
But the feeding method can also significantly increase the attractiveness of my feeding place: Instead of introducing a large amount of food at the beginning, I prefer to throw a few boilies from time to time at the fishing spot and So have fresh "workers" in the water that keeps releasing a swing aroma. Increasing the amount if necessary - for example when a carp troop appears - is not a problem. A catchy method with which the piping -like experiences have also made the best experiences. Pimp_600x600.jpg? V = 1624614035 "Alt =" ">

keep quantities manageable
In contrast, in the large “feed march” campaign, an unmanageable amount of boilies is brought into the water, which exude their intensive short-term effect at the same time. No problem if there are enough hungry mouths on site. In many cases, however, success is destroyed by excessive feeding in advance, especially since a small squad that arrives at the feeding area is quickly over -saturated. Feed less (but the right thing), more catch ... my credo for decades.

if you produce yourself. After cooking ...
almost all manufacturers recommend putting the flavors in the boilie dough together with the eggs before cooking. However, some flavors change when heating and are also cooked out of the outer shell of the boilie. Many carp anglers simply increase the concentration and give twice or three times in their mix. This can become an expensive matter and is also not necessary at all. Instead, cook your boilies with the 2/3 or even half a lot of aroma. After cooling, mix the balls with the second half flavor in a plastic tub. Anyone who has ever cooked boilies knows that freshly cooked is always a bit larger than those hardened. The pores of the boilies are initially "open to everything". You can watch how you suck every single aroma drop in yourself.

When the boilie "works":
The author had caused a stir again and again decades ago, such as many of these pictures of a side arm of the Moselle in France. < Br> Many team anglers and customers swear by these catch formulas


href="/products/ib- carptrack-monster-liver-Boilie"> Monster-Liver and its variant Mo-li acitv or Mo-Li Cold Water that bring even more solubility into play, but are also gone faster ;-)
< Span style = "color: #000000;"> A mixture of both variants is almost ideal! Files/1/044/0932/3687/Files/Monster-Liver_600x600.jpg? V = 1624614224 "Alt =" ">

Liquid amino -An important part of Amino Complex Liquid

Monster-Liver Maul

A few pimp success in connection with a boilie working for you:

A few pimp successes in connection with a boilie working for you:

Why Karsten hadn't had much success before and then it worked,
Now you can understand it even better .
The Bait is one of the big key to success!

tight lines,
Max Nollert