Thick fish don't just swim like that and for no reason in the kescher

There are crucial things that bring you closer to a full kescher .

A lot that is done when fishing is irrelevant. To believe another piece of tube, a ring here or there would be the Gamechanger When hunting for Big Ones , is complete nonsense.

Countless books, videos and contributions of all kinds do not make you Big Fish Hunter if you do not pay attention to the basic rule. No Big Fish Hunter simply snakes any boilies somewhere . None of the anglers who regularly have alarm on the mat go out to fishing from time to time.

Each of the anglers who have also built up muscles because they constantly stem thick fish, knows the place , on which he puts his rig very precisely and leaves nothing to chance .

A carp over 35 kg is one of the very big catch! -liver-boilie? Variant = 37930115203239 "> Monster-Liver Boilies this catch has succeeded.

almost always the simplest according to the motto " keep it simple but efficient ". At the bait there is no compromise for the anglers who obviously have a special hand. Exactly in these hands there are never any bait . The most difficult remains, as the spot is chosen in the season and current weather. It becomes easy with the bait.
Monster-Liver Forever. Whether Cold Water or the Classic version . The original formula of Imperial Baits is no longer in bait than in this protein -rich, hard but still soluble natural tinker, the big ones so much and Certainly appeals . And you will also love it for the next 20 years and continue to eat. The most important ingredients of this exceptional bait are for almost 2 decades in every boilie of the entire Imperial Baits Carptrack Range.

tight lines. Max Nollert

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